How often do you experience it? You’re outside with your friends, shopping or working outside and you buy some stuff. Whether it’s groceries or clothes, holding everything in your hand is not an option, as well as buying a bag everywhere. In 2020, it may not be environmentally responsible to buy plastic bags at every store you walk in, right?

This unique Blurry tote Bag is therefore perfect for you. The material canvas was chosen deliberately because it is stronger and lasts longer than cotton.

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As a child, I started to toy with the idea of how we should behave toward one another, as I find that in our current society we don’t give each other enough attention. It surprises me that in this day and age there are still so many prejudices and differences contributing to a cloud of negativity by which we grow apart. I wanted to do something about that, create change in a positive way, and that’s how I started Worldism. A clothing brand with a message: love and respect for everyone, regardless of race, culture or religion. By combining fashion and morality with our designs we try to create positivity. All of our designs are made by hand and have been awarded the Fair Wear Label. The materials we use are either organic or recycled and all of our contributors are rewarded fairly.

  • GOTS certified
  • OEKE-TEX certified
  • Fair Wear

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