King’s Drip


Handcrafted Tote Bag produced in Amsterdam made from residues.
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At the moment there is some choice for sustainable fashion, but we think it is not enough. Moreover, we believe that the current sustainable brands can’t compete with the established brands. We believe that the current designs of sustainable clothing cannot convince Fast Fashion consumers enough to choose sustainable. That is why we founded Dom Amsterdam. We produce trendy fashion where all business processes are entirely focused on sustainability. We work directly together with ‘Alaraj Atelier’ founded by Mohamad from Syria. Mohamad had his own clothing workshop in Syria and now he started one in Amsterdam. We have deliberately chosen a local producer to be as closely involved as possible in the production process and thereby minimize the adverse effects of transport.

  • Produced in the Netherlands
  • GOTS certified
  • Only residual materials used in production
  • 100% biological cotton

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King's Drip