Seedling of the Arts

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Within the limited collection, we always have one collaboration with a local artist. Within the currently limited collection, a collab has been established with Esperanza Mitchell to create a unique work of art. Spread the love ~ Support your locals!

This tee has been named “The queen of the sea and the sand” and refers to the song of The Growlers, Old 8 legs.

  • White color
  • Handmade unique backprint design
  • Premium quality, 100% 210gsm cotton fabric
  • Unisex size, relaxed/oversized fit
  • Embroidered chest logos
  • Hem tag on the backside
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Located in Rotterdam, Holland. It started with a passion for culture and fashion. Our inspiration comes from cultural nostalgia like vintage, surf and streetwear over the years. Blurry Images has the ambition to provide high-quality, sustainable fashion items for an affordable price.

Blurry Images is a metaphor for where we get our inspiration from pure nostalgia. Inspired by a combination of associations with the vintage, surf, and street culture over the years. A form of nostalgia are images that make you long for the past. We want to reproduce those images, in our own way, in the form of fashion that lasts. That’s why we encourage everyone to create nostalgia, in their own unique way, and to be part of this story.

  • Eco-friendly materials used in production
  • Manufactured in Europe by certified factories
  • Sustainable packaging

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Blurry Images

Seedling of the Arts

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